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NSFAS Could Extend Applications For Student Loans



NSFAS Could Extend Applications For Student Loans

NSFAS Could Extend Applications For Student Loans. In 2024, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) took a significant stride by introducing a new initiative aimed at supporting “missing middle” students.

These students, often overlooked in financial aid assessments, hail from families with incomes exceeding the threshold for full NSFAS bursaries yet struggle to meet the costs of higher education. Despite this promising move, the application window for NSFAS loans was brief, resulting in only a handful of applicants successfully applying.

Eligibility Criteria for NSFAS Missing Middle Loans

To qualify for NSFAS missing middle loans, students must come from households with annual incomes surpassing the R350,000 threshold for full bursaries but falling below R600,000.

Application Process for NSFAS Missing Middle Loans

The application period for NSFAS student loans concluded in February 2024. Vuyokazi Mafilika, the Strategic Enablement Executive at NSFAS, affirmed that the operations team was tasked with compiling a list of provisionally accepted students, highlighting any outstanding documentation required. Provisional funding indicates eligibility based on preliminary assessment, but certain steps must be completed before students can access NSFAS funding.

Loan Agreement and Surety

Upon provisional acceptance, NSFAS generates a loan agreement form incorporating a surety clause, which the student must sign to finalize funding. Only after this step can NSFAS confirm the student’s funding status. This process ensures accountability and mutual commitment.

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Key Points about NSFAS Missing Middle Loans

Mafilika emphasized that missing middle loans primarily cater to new registrations and do not cover past debts. Priority is accorded to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, aligning with their higher employability rates. The loan repayment structure considers household income, with employed students not required to make immediate repayments.

Additional Considerations and Future Prospects

Looking ahead, NSFAS contemplates extending the application deadline for the 2025 intake. Concerns regarding the implementation timeline for current undergraduate students are being addressed. Moreover, NSFAS is actively refining the loan scheme for postgraduate students, aiming to expand funding provisions and streamline requirements.


NSFAS initiative to provide loans for missing middle students marks a positive step toward equitable access to higher education. However, ensuring accessibility and addressing implementation challenges remain pivotal in realizing its full potential. By fostering ongoing dialogue and refining processes, NSFAS can continue to empower students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds on their educational journey.

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