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NSFAS change “knee-jerk half-measure” says IIE



NSFAS change "knee-jerk half-measure" says IIE

NSFAS change “knee-jerk half-measure” says IIE. In a scathing critique of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) has labeled recent measures as mere “knee-jerk half-measures,” insisting that a comprehensive overhaul is imperative to salvage the beleaguered entity.

The sentiment comes after over two years of tumult within NSFAS, culminating in the replacement of its entire board of directors. Linda Meyer, Managing Director of Rosebank College under the IIE, has emerged as a vocal critic, urging for substantive changes rather than superficial fixes.

Persistent Crisis at NSFAS

Since before 2023, NSFAS has grappled with a series of crises stemming from mismanagement of its substantial budget, exceeding R50 billion. From the botched implementation of the direct payment system to damning corruption allegations against former CEO Andile Nongogo, NSFAS has continually failed to fulfill its mandate of aiding disadvantaged students in pursuing higher education. The dissolution of its board amidst widespread complaints further underscores the depth of the crisis.

NSFAS | A Failing System

According to Meyer, NSFAS has become synonymous with perpetual crisis, leaving countless students stranded without the promised support for their education.

Meyer, who also holds positions in esteemed education regulatory bodies, asserts that cosmetic changes are insufficient to address the systemic flaws plaguing NSFAS. She emphasizes the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and robust governance structures to rectify the deep-seated issues.

Call for Total Restructuring

Meyer contends that the endemic corruption and structural deficiencies within NSFAS necessitate a radical overhaul rather than mere personnel reshuffling. Highlighting the need for a transparent and corruption-free system.

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Meyer argues that NSFAS must align itself more closely with the ethos of a government institution to effectively serve its purpose. She stresses the importance of ethical governance and emphasizes that NSFAS, as a government entity, should be subject to stringent oversight and accountability measures.

A Plea for Accountability

Drawing attention to the dire consequences of NSFAS’s failures, Meyer underscores the plight of students who have been left destitute due to bureaucratic inefficiencies and financial mismanagement. She criticizes the lack of action against universities failing to disburse funds to students and calls for a concerted effort from all stakeholders to demand accountability and transparency from NSFAS.

Looking Ahead – A Call to Action

As NSFAS grapples with its myriad challenges, Meyer issues a rallying cry for stakeholders to unite in demanding meaningful reform. She emphasizes that the future of South Africa youth hinges on the ability to access quality higher education, a goal that can only be achieved through decisive action and unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability.


The ongoing crisis at NSFAS demands more than temporary fixes; it requires a fundamental restructuring to address systemic failures and restore trust in the vital institution. As the nation’s youth await decisive action, the IIE impassioned plea for change resonates as a clarion call for reform in South Africa’s higher education landscape.

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