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NSFAS Bursary Closing Date Confirmed for 2024



NSFAS Bursary Closing Date Confirmed for 2024

NSFAS Bursary Closing Date Confirmed for 2024. National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has begun the application process for the 2024 funding cycle. However, the application deadline looms as aspirants gear up to submit their applications.

NSFAS Application Window for 2024

The NSFAS announced its application window for 2024 in November, a departure from the usual timeline. Prospective beneficiaries now have a shorter timetable to submit their applications.

NSFAS Application Deadline: 31 January 2024

Applicants are reminded that the application period for NSFAS concludes on the 31st of January 2024. This deadline underscores the urgency for interested parties to complete their submissions within the specified timeframe.

NSFAS Reason for Delayed Opening

NSFAS was deliberately delayed to synchronize with data from SARS (South African Revenue Service) on tax returns, according to Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, Training, and Innovation. By delaying the application process, NSFAS can determine the combined household income of applicants by analyzing their tax returns.

Importance of NSFAS Truthful Applications

NSFAS funding has been rescinded mid-year on several occasions due to discrepancies discovered in applicants’ submissions. The Minister emphasizes the importance of honesty when submitting applications.


Enhancements to the NSFAS Application Process

In a recent briefing preceding the official application period, the Minister revealed a variety of changes aimed at streamlining the application process and enhancing the bursary scheme’s implementation. The number of documents applicants need to submit has been reduced, which is notable among these changes.

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NSFAS Submission Prior to Matric Results

In a departure from previous practices, applicants are now encouraged to submit their NSFAS applications without waiting for their matriculation results.

Evolution of NSFAS

Since 2018, NSFAS has evolved from a student loan scheme to a fully subsidized bursary, eliminating the need for repayment. The forthcoming changes aim to further refine the system and align it with the academic calendar.

Aligning Academic and Funding Calendars

In order to align Post School Education and Training (PSET) calendars with government funding calendars, efforts are being made. As a result of this alignment, NSFAS has reserved funds before institutions reopen, enabling funds to be disbursed at the beginning of the academic year in a timely manner.

Diversified Application Channels

The NSFAS has introduced additional application channels, such as a mobile app, USSD, and WhatsApp, that not only facilitate the submission of applications, but also allow applicants to track and cancel them.


Future Impact of the Bursary Scheme

As a result of the NSFAS bursary scheme, the Minister hopes to alleviate poverty in families for generations to come.

Concerns Over Funding Adequacy

Despite positive developments, concerns linger about funding shortages. As the government tightens spending across departments, it is difficult to predict whether there will be enough funding to accommodate all deserving NSFAS applicants.


The NSFAS 2024 application period brings important changes and advancements. Aspiring students must adhere to the January 31 deadline. While the bursary scheme holds transformative potential, concerns about funding adequacy persist amid governmental budget constraints.

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