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NSFAS Appeals Unavailable To Students



NSFAS Appeals Unavailable To Students

NSFAS Appeals Unavailable To Students. Limited time for unsuccessful NSFAS applicants to submit NSFAS appeals has become a pressing issue due to errors on the myNSFAS portal, causing concern among students seeking financial aid.

NSFAS Appeals Unavailable To Students

The rejection of students who exceeded N+1 or N+2 cannot be appealed. An appeal can only be filed by students with an unsuccessful status due to financial ineligibility, academically eligible students, and those who are still within the N+2 rule.

Application Statistics

Among the applications, NSFAS provisionally funded 967,303, approved 779,769 SASSA beneficiaries immediately, and secured funding for 191,493 non-SASSA applicants. However, over 100,000 applications faced rejection, prompting appeals from numerous students.

Appeal Process

Applicants are granted a 30-day window to submit appeals, making timely access to the appeal process crucial. However, technical glitches on the myNSFAS portal have hindered students’ ability to lodge appeals, causing widespread frustration.

Challenges Faced by Students

Reports of students encountering difficulties accessing the NSFAS appeals tab and receiving error messages have surfaced, prompting calls for urgent assistance from NSFAS. The scheme acknowledges the issue and reassures students of efforts to rectify it promptly.

How to Submit a NSFAS Appeal

  1. Visit the myNSFAS website.
  2. Log into your myNSFAS account.
  3. Click on the ‘Track Funding Progress’ option.
  4. Check the application progress tabs.
  5. If the status reflects unsuccessful, proceed to the ‘Submit Appeal Tab’.
  6. Choose the appeal reason and upload certified supporting documents.
  7. Click ‘Submit Appeal’.
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NSFAS emphasizes that all appeals are contingent upon budget availability and encourages online submissions through the myNSFAS Portal. Despite the current challenges, students are urged to remain vigilant for appeal updates and continue pursuing avenues for financial assistance.

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