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NSFAS Allowances For College Students



NSFAS Allowances For College Students.

NSFAS Allowances For College Students. Tthe National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has unveiled significant changes to the allowances provided to college students in 2024. The adjustments aim to address the financial needs of students enrolled in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and universities. This article delves into the specifics of the NSFAS allowances, focusing on the noteworthy increase in monthly allowances for TVET college students compared to their counterparts in universities.

NSFAS Allowances For College Students

Students living in private accommodation will receive a living allowance of R6 000, a personal care allowance of R3 045, and an accommodation allowance of R45 000. A living allowance of R6 000, a personal care allowance of R3 045, and a travel allowance of R7 718 will be paid to students who live within 10 km of their college.

Contrast with University Students

In stark contrast, university students funded by NSFAS will continue to receive a monthly living allowance of R1,650 in 2024. This variance in allowances between TVET college and university students reflects NSFAS’s efforts to address the unique financial challenges faced by students in different educational institutions.

Financial Allocation by NSFAS

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, during a recent briefing, disclosed the financial allocations made by NSFAS for the year 2024. NSFAS is set to disburse R1 billion to TVET colleges and a significant R3.2 billion to universities from its financial reserves. This substantial funding injection aims to ensure that both TVET colleges and universities can adequately support their respective student populations.

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Breakdown of University Student Allowances

For university students, the total living allowance in 2024 will amount to R16,500 per year. This includes a personal care allowance of R3,045 and a meal allowance of R13,455. The detailed breakdown of these allowances emphasizes NSFAS’s commitment to providing comprehensive support that goes beyond basic living expenses.


The adjustments in NSFAS allowances for college students in 2024 reflect a strategic effort to address the diverse financial needs of students pursuing different levels of education. The substantial increase in monthly allowances for TVET college students demonstrates a commitment to ensuring equitable financial support across the education sector. As NSFAS continues to play a crucial role in facilitating access to education, these changes mark a positive step towards creating a more financially inclusive learning environment.

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