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NSFAS Allowance Payments for June 2024



NSFAS Allowance Payments for June 2024

NSFAS Allowance Payments for June 2024. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a pivotal role in supporting South African students from low-income households by providing financial assistance for higher education. One of the critical aspects of this support is the monthly allowance payments that help cover various costs associated with studying. For June 2024, let’s delve into the details of these allowances to understand what students can expect.

NSFAS Allowance Payments for June 2024

Students who register for ten or more courses are eligible for a monthly incidental allowance. For June 2024, this allowance is set at R304.50. This payment is part of a ten-month cycle, providing consistent support throughout the academic year. The incidental allowance is designed to cover everyday expenses that students may encounter, such as transportation, food, and other small but essential costs.

Module-Based Allowance

NSFAS also provides a module-based allowance, which is calculated based on the number of modules a student is registered for. Here is a breakdown of how this allowance works:

  1. First Four Modules: For each of the first four modules, NSFAS allocates R700 per module. This means that a student enrolled in four modules will receive a total of R2800 (R700 x 4).
  2. Five or More Modules: When a student registers for five or more modules, the allowance increases significantly. For any registration of five or more modules, NSFAS provides a lump sum of R5460 for the academic year. This substantial increase is intended to ensure that students taking on a heavier course load have adequate financial support to manage their academic responsibilities effectively.
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Detailed Breakdown for June 2024

To illustrate how these allowances come together, let’s consider different scenarios for June 2024:

Scenario 1

  1. Incidental Allowance: R304.50
  2. Module-Based Allowance: Calculated annually, hence for June, no additional monthly payment specific to modules beyond the incidental allowance.

Scenario 2

  • Incidental Allowance: Not applicable unless registered for 10 or more courses.
  • Module-Based Allowance: R700 x 4 = R2800 (for the academic year, which might be divided over the months depending on the disbursement schedule).

Scenario 3

  • Incidental Allowance: If 10 or more courses, R304.50.
  • Module-Based Allowance: R5460 (annual, with monthly breakdown depending on disbursement schedule).

Importance of NSFAS Allowances

These allowances are crucial for students who rely on NSFAS funding to complete their studies. The financial support helps to alleviate the burden of education-related costs, enabling students to focus more on their academic pursuits rather than worrying about their day-to-day expenses.

By understanding the NSFAS allowance structure, students can better plan their finances and ensure they utilize their funds efficiently throughout the academic year.


For June 2024, NSFAS continues to provide essential financial support through monthly incidental allowances and module-based allowances. Students registered for ten or more courses receive a monthly incidental payment of R304.50.

The module-based allowance varies with the number of modules enrolled, offering R700 per module for up to four modules and a lump sum of R5460 for five or more modules annually. This support structure underscores NSFAS’s commitment to aiding students in their educational journey, ensuring that financial barriers do not impede academic success.

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