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NSFAS Administrator Tasks | What The New NSFAS Administrator Needs To Do



NSFAS Administrator Tasks | What The New NSFAS Administrator Needs To Do

NSFAS Administrator Tasks | What The New NSFAS Administrator Needs To Do. The recent appointment of an administrator at the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) marks a crucial step towards resolving the scheme challenges and ensuring that deserving students receive the funding they require. However, significant efforts are needed to streamline NSFAS operations effectively.

NSFAS, responsible for providing comprehensive bursaries and student loans to eligible learners enrolled in approved courses at universities and TVET colleges, found itself under administration due to a series of setbacks.

These setbacks included its failure to disburse student allowances promptly, inadequate institutional capacity, and the board’s inability to implement recommendations from the Werksmans Report.

Appointment Of NSFAS Administrator

Following the decision to dissolve the NSFAS board, Sithembiso Freeman Nomvalo was appointed as the Administrator for NSFAS. Tasked with overseeing the management and administration of NSFAS for a 12-month period, Nomvalo appointment aims to address the scheme’s operational deficiencies.

Higher Education Minister Nzimande expressed confidence in Nomvalo’s ability to improve NSFAS operations within the stipulated timeframe. However, the minister emphasized the possibility of extending the administration if necessary.

Objectives Of The Administration

Minister Nzimande outlined clear objectives for the administration, including:

  • Ensuring timely disbursement of student allowances.
  • Enhancing NSFAS capacity to address shortcomings.
  • Exploring potential amendments to the NSFAS Act for improved efficiency.

Nzimande also emphasized the need to revamp the composition of the NSFAS board to enhance its effectiveness.

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Challenges And Responsibilities

While acknowledging the challenges faced by NSFAS, Minister Nzimande highlighted the shared responsibility between institutions and NSFAS in ensuring the smooth disbursement of allowances. He stressed the importance of accurate data submission by institutions to facilitate allowance payments.

Efforts to develop an efficient ICT system for seamless information sharing were underscored as a priority to address these challenges.

Impact On Students

The failure of NSFAS to disburse allowances has severe consequences for students, including food insecurity and homelessness. Civil society groups and student organizations have actively advocated for ministerial intervention to address these issues.

Recent incidents, such as the failure to pay accommodation allowances at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), have underscored the urgency of resolving NSFAS’s operational deficiencies.


As the new NSFAS administrator takes charge, addressing the scheme’s challenges and ensuring the timely disbursement of student allowances emerge as top priorities. By implementing comprehensive reforms and fostering collaboration with institutions, the administrator can significantly improve the efficacy and accessibility of NSFAS funding, ultimately benefiting South Africa’s student community.

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