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Northlink College Online Application 2024



Northlink College Online Application 2024

Northlink College Online Application 2024. In the pursuit of accessible education, Northlink College is leading the way with its streamlined online application process for the academic year 2024. This endeavor not only saves valuable time but also aligns with the institution’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional paper-based applications.

Application Period

The Northlink application portal opens its doors to high school graduates aspiring to join this prestigious institution on September 1, 2023, and closes on September 30, 2023. To ensure a smooth application process, all prospective students are urged to submit their applications well before the closing date.

Online Application Procedure 2024

  1. Select Your Course Begin your journey by choosing the course that aligns with your educational goals and aspirations.
  2. Course Fees & Payment Policy After selecting a course, navigate through the Vocational and Occupational fees, and acquaint yourself with the Payment Policy.
  3. Complete the Application Utilize the user-friendly online application portal Click Here to seamlessly complete the application process. Ensure to upload a certified copy of your ID and the latest academic results.
  4. Waiting for a Response Once your application is submitted, allow sufficient time for verification and processing. You will be notified of your application status via SMS and email. Additionally, you can check the status at any time by logging into the college’s website

International Students Application Process

For international students seeking to study at Northlink College in the 2024 academic year, a few additional steps are necessary:

  1. Select the desired course.
  2. Download the application form.
  3. Fill in the required details and submit the form, along with academic qualifications and a copy of your passport, via fax or email to the International Office at Tygerberg Campus.
  4. Ensure your contact details are clearly provided on the application form.
  5. Upon processing, you will receive a quote and a new student number from the International Office.
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Application Requirements 2024

For South African Students:

  • Certified copy of ID.
  • Last school report/qualification.
  • Proof of residence address.

For International Students

  • Copy of Certified Passport.
  • Study Permit or Visa to Study in South Africa.
  • Certificate of Foreign Qualification evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority.
  • Full Course Fee (International students need to pay the full course fee upon registration).

Contact Northlink College

  • Belhar: +27 (021) 952 2113/9
  • Bellville: +27 (021) 951 2231
  • Parow: +27 (021) 931 8238
  • Protea: +27 (021) 946 2250
  • Goodwood: +27 (021) 591 3181
  • Tygerberg: +27 (021) 524 2200
  • Wingfield: +27 (021) 591 9207


Northlink College commitment to accessible education is exemplified through its user-friendly online application process for 2024-2025. Empowering students to apply seamlessly, the institution stands as a beacon for a brighter, digitally-driven educational future.

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