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NMU Late Application 2024 | Open Now



NMU Late Application 2024 | Open Now

NMU Late Application 2024 | Open Now. The Nelson Mandela University (NMU) late application process for the academic year 2024 has been initiated, offering a valuable opportunity for prospective students to apply for available courses at diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. This article provides detailed information on the NMU late application form for 2024, including requirements, deadlines, fees, and the application process.

NMU Late Application Requirements

Prospective students interested in applying for late admission at Nelson Mandela University must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Email Address: Ensure you have a valid email address before initiating the application process.
  2. National Applicants: National applicants, including those with a South African ID, Refugee/Asylum Seeker, or Permanent Residency applicants with a National Senior Certificate (NSC)/SC (Senior Certificate)/NCV (National Vocal Certificate)/National Qualification are eligible.
  3. NBT Registration: NBT registration is mandatory before applying online.
  4. Application Fee: Applicants need to have the required application fee.
  5. Accommodation: If you require accommodation, indicate this on your application form.
  6. Faculty-Specific Requirements: Check and fulfill faculty-specific requirements before submitting your application.
  7. Online Application for Postgraduate Applicants: Postgraduate applicants can only apply online.

NMU Late Applications Eligibility

Late applications at NMU are open to the following categories:

  • Applicants who exhausted 1 or 2 options during the normal application period.
  • Applicants who did not apply during the normal timeline.
  • Students transferring from other universities.
  • NMU students who took a study gap.
  • Phasing out programs.
  • Advanced Diploma Studies.
  • Postgraduate studies – M Tech/Master Course-based programs.
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NMU Late Application Fee

The application fee for late submissions is specified in the application process.

NMU Late Application Deadline: The late application window at NMU will remain open for 1–2 weeks after its initiation.

How to Apply for NMU Late Application 2024

Follow these steps to apply for the NMU late application:

  1. Visit the official Nelson Mandela University Application Portal at
  2. Complete the required data and document uploads.
  3. Fax and email applications are not accepted. Courier the forms to the NMU Distance Education Unit.
  4. Financial assistance applicants must submit applications on the NSFAS online system between August 1 and November 30, 2024.

Submitting NMU Late Application Form 2024

After completing the necessary steps on the NMU application portal, submit your completed forms via email to [email protected], post them to the Central Applications Office, Private Bag X06, Dalbridge, 4014, or hand-deliver them to Gate 11, Mary Thiphe Street, Cato Manor, Durban. The Call Centre Number is 031 268 4444.

How is the NMU Late Application Form Used?

The NMU Late Application form is utilized for various purposes:

  • Changing previously submitted program choices.
  • Adjusting the rank order of choices.
  • Adding a program to the list of choices (up to a maximum of 6).
  • Extending the current application to the following year, with the option to change program choices.

The cost for any of the above actions is R135, payable through Easy Pay or by card at the NMU office. For assistance with Easy Pay, contact the provided Call Centre Number.

NMU Contact Details

For further information and inquiries about the late application process, visit the official Nelson Mandela University website at

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Prospective students looking to apply for Nelson Mandela University through the late application process for the 2023–2024 academic year can utilize this guide to ensure a smooth and successful application. Stay updated on deadlines, fulfill all requirements, and make the most of this opportunity to join the vibrant academic community at NMU.

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