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Must Pensioners Reapply for SASSA Old Age Grants in April 2024?



Must Pensioners Reapply for SASSA Old Age Grants in April 2024?

Must Pensioners Reapply for SASSA Old Age Grants in April 2024? As April 2024 approaches, the anticipation of an increase in the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Old Age Grants accompanies it. For many of the country’s elderly citizens, this additional financial support offers a glimmer of relief in trying times.

However, amidst this positive change, questions arise: Do pensioners need to reapply for their SASSA Old Age Grants to receive the new R90 government increase? Let’s delve into this query and shed light on the necessary steps, or lack thereof, for pensioners.

The Impact of the Increase

The impending increment in SASSA Old Age Grants, set to take effect in April 2024, promises to alleviate some of the financial strains faced by elderly individuals and the households they support. This additional R90 injection into their stipend signifies a vital lifeline for those navigating their golden years.

No Need to Reapply

Fortunately, for existing beneficiaries of SASSA Old Age Grants, the answer to whether reapplication is necessary remains a resounding “NO.” Pensioners who are already receiving support from the South African government need not undertake the reapplication process to continue receiving their grants.

Continued Eligibility

For those aged 60 and above, who meet the stringent criteria for government pension, the need for reapplication never arises. The South African government stands committed to providing ongoing support to its elderly citizens, acknowledging its responsibility to ensure their well-being throughout their later years.

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Ongoing Review Process

While reapplication isn’t mandatory, it’s important to note that periodic reviews of grant recipients may occur. However, beneficiaries will receive ample notification, usually three months in advance, before any review takes place. These reviews serve to confirm continued eligibility for government assistance.

Possible Circumstances for Grant Cancellation

Grant cancellation may occur under specific circumstances, such as if a beneficiary begins receiving care in a state institution or experiences changes in their financial situation. Individuals earning above the stipulated thresholds or surpassing asset limits may find their grants subject to cancellation. Additionally, prolonged non-claiming of grants or the unfortunate event of a beneficiary’s passing may also lead to grant cancellation.

April 2024 Grant Increases

Looking ahead to April 2024, SASSA Old Age Grants will witness a notable increase. With an extra R90 added to the stipend, followed by a further R10 increment slated for October, beneficiaries can expect a boost in their financial support. This translates to a pension payment of R2,180 for individuals aged 60 to 74, and R2,200 for those aged 75 and above.


Pensioners receiving SASSA Old Age Grants can rest assured that reapplication is unnecessary to receive the upcoming government increase. As April approaches, the additional financial assistance promises to provide much-needed relief to the elderly population, underscoring the government commitment to supporting its citizens through every stage of life.

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