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Most Frequently Asked 10 FAQs About the SASSA SRD Grant For Students



Most Frequently Asked 10 FAQs About the SASSA SRD Grant For Students

Most Frequently Asked 10 FAQs About the SASSA SRD Grant For Students. SASSA SRD Grants continue to play a pivotal role in supporting students in need, with the grant amount now totaling R370. Our team at FundiConnect has compiled a comprehensive list of SASSA SRD Grant FAQs to shed light on this crucial resource:

Most Frequently Asked 10 FAQs About the SASSA SRD Grant For Students

1. What are the requirements for the SASSA SRD Grant?

A SASSA SRD Grant is available to South Africans between the ages of 18 and 60 who are unemployed, do not receive any other financial assistance, and meet the means test requirements. In addition, applicants must not be registered with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or eligible for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits.

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2. Do NSFAS students qualify for the SASSA SRD Grant?

SASSA SRD Grants are not available to students already receiving NSFAS funding, since they already receive financial assistance.

3. Can I apply for NSFAS if I receive the SASSA SRD Grant?

In addition to meeting the NSFAS criteria, SASSA grant recipients may automatically qualify for NSFAS funding based on their financial status.

4. Can I get a bursary if I receive the SASSA SRD Grant?

SASSA SRD Grant recipients may still be eligible for bursaries, provided they meet the bursary programme’s criteria.

5. Will I be eligible for student loans if I receive the SASSA SRD Grant?

Inquire directly with institutions or loan providers about how receiving the SRD Grant may affect loan eligibility.

6. Will receiving the SASSA SRD Grant affect my academic progress or enrollment status?

Receiving the SASSA SRD Grant should not affect academic progress or enrollment status. However, responsible financial management is essential to paying for all educational expenses.

7. Do I need to declare the SASSA SRD Grant when applying for financial aid or bursaries?

The SASSA SRD Grant must be declared when applying for additional aid or bursaries in order to avoid penalties or disqualification.

8. What happens if my financial situation improves while receiving the SASSA SRD Grant?

If your financial situation improves significantly, you may no longer be eligible for the grant. Notifying SASSA of any changes will avoid complications.

9. How long can I receive the SASSA SRD Grant as a university student?

SASSA SRD Grants are dependent on changes in financial circumstances or government policies. Staying informed about updates is crucial to maintaining support.

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10. How do I apply for the SASSA SRD Grant?

SASSA SRD Grant applicants can apply through the SASSA website or via WhatsApp. In order to apply online, students need to visit the SASSA website and follow the instructions. Students who wish to apply by WhatsApp can send a message to 082 046 8553.


SASSA SRD Grant serves as a vital lifeline for eligible students, providing much-needed financial support during challenging times. Understanding its eligibility criteria and implications is crucial for those seeking assistance in pursuing their educational goals.

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