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Minister Says Qualifications From Deregistered Colleges Are Still Valid



Minister Says Qualifications From Deregistered Colleges Are Still Valid

Minister Says Qualifications From Deregistered Colleges Are Still Valid. In recent developments concerning the deregistration of certain private colleges by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), concerns have arisen among graduates about the validity of their qualifications. However, a recent announcement by Minister Blade Nzimande brings reassurance to affected individuals.

Validity Confirmed | Ministe Announcement

The DHET has officially confirmed that qualifications obtained from recently deregistered Educor colleges remain valid. This assurance extends to qualifications acquired during the colleges’ registered period and throughout the phase-out period.

Minister Nzimande, acknowledging the potential impact of the deregistration on students’ ability to complete their qualifications, emphasizes that credentials obtained during the registration and phase-out periods are recognized and legitimate. This affirmation is further supported by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Obligations of Deregistered Colleges

Specifically, the four Educor colleges affected by the deregistration—City Varsity (Pty) Ltd, Damelin (Pty) Ltd, Icesa City Campus (Pty) Ltd, and Lyceum College (Pty) Ltd—are obligated to confer qualifications upon students who completed their programs during the registration and phase-out periods. Additionally, these colleges must ensure the completion of remaining examinations or assessments for the current academic year.

Reasons Behind Deregistration

The decision to deregister the Educor group of colleges stems from significant compliance failures, as highlighted by Minister Nzimande. These failures include the colleges inability to provide financial statements and tax documents for the past two years, raising concerns about their financial stability.

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Moreover, discrepancies between claimed and actual student enrollments, along with allegations of poor teaching standards, lack of support, unqualified staff, and student exploitation, further compounded the situation.

Legal Requirements for Private Colleges

Minister Nzimande clarified that while private colleges and higher education institutions are permitted by law, they must adhere to both registration and accreditation requirements.

Accreditation ensures the quality of courses offered, while registration safeguards the financial viability of the institution. The failure of the deregistered colleges to meet these requirements has led to the cancellation of their registration.


Minister Nzimande’s announcement provides much-needed clarity and assurance to graduates from deregistered colleges regarding the validity of their qualifications. Despite the regulatory actions taken against these institutions, students can rest assured that their hard-earned credentials remain recognized and legitimate.

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