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Mbalula Seeks Centralized Disbursements For State Payments | NSFAS Delayed Allowances



Mbalula Seeks Centralized Disbursements For State Payments | NSFAS Delayed Allowances

Mbalula Seeks Centralized Disbursements For State Payments | NSFAS Delayed Allowances. The African National Congress (ANC) has expressed concerns over governance issues within the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), leading to delays in student allowance payments. Fikile Mbalula, the ANC secretary-general, emphasized the importance of prioritizing students’ needs promptly. This article explores the ANC stance on the matter and their proposals for improving the disbursement process.

Timely Payments for Student Expenses

Fikile Mbalula stressed the significance of NSFAS prioritizing timely payments for students’ living expenses, transportation, and accommodation. Addressing a post-NEC briefing, he highlighted the urgency of addressing these concerns to ensure students receive adequate support.

Engagement with Higher Education Minister

During the briefing, Mbalula revealed that the ANC had engaged with Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande to address the challenges faced by NSFAS. The aim is to prevent any hindrance to the crucial support that students rely on for their education.

Criticism of NSFAS

NSFAS has faced criticism from both students and citizens for its failure to disburse allowances promptly. Mbalula acknowledged these concerns and emphasized the need for corrective measures to enhance the efficiency of the aid scheme.

Financial Allocations and Support

The ANC commended the allocation of R3.8 billion towards a comprehensive student funding model, targeting students in the “missing middle” segment. Additionally, the party welcomed the allocation of R4.2 billion to facilitate a smooth registration process for students, ensuring a seamless start to the 2024 academic year.

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Advocacy for Centralised Payments

To strengthen the state’s capacity, Mbalula advocated for centralised payments for all state disbursements, including those from NSFAS. Drawing on the experiences of organizations like SASSA and the post office, he proposed that such an approach would contribute to the efficiency and transparency of fund disbursement.

Government Responsibility for Student Accommodation

Mbalula emphasized the government responsibility in ensuring students have suitable accommodation. He suggested exploring the human settlement model and leveraging existing resources in the public works sector to construct suitable infrastructure. The proposal included collaboration between departments to establish state-owned accommodation, addressing the long-standing student accommodation crisis.

Crucial Collaboration for a Comprehensive Plan

Mbalula underscored the importance of collaboration between departments to establish state-owned accommodation. He argued that such collaboration is crucial for a comprehensive higher education plan, considering the projected increase in the number of successful matriculants and the available spaces in higher education institutions.


The ANC concerns and proposals regarding NSFAS highlight the party commitment to addressing challenges in student financial support. The call for centralised payments and government responsibility for student accommodation reflects a broader vision for an efficient and comprehensive higher education system. As the ANC continues to engage with relevant stakeholders, these proposals aim to ensure that students receive timely and adequate support for their educational needs.

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