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Looting of NSFAS by Blade Nzimande His Alleged Corrupt Cadres



Looting of NSFAS by Blade Nzimande His Alleged Corrupt Cadres

Looting of NSFAS by Blade Nzimande His Alleged Corrupt Cadres. Blade Nzimande, a prominent figure in South African politics, has recently found himself at the center of controversy regarding alleged corruption within the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

This article delves into the allegations surrounding Nzimande and his purported involvement in a web of corruption that has plagued NSFAS, affecting countless students reliant on financial assistance for their education.

Blade Nzimande – A Political Figure

Blade Nzimande is a well-known figure in South African politics, serving in various capacities within the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP). He has held significant positions, including Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation since 2009. Nzimande has been a vocal advocate for education reform and access, particularly for historically disadvantaged communities.

Allegations of Corruption

Despite his advocacy for education, Nzimande has come under scrutiny for his alleged involvement in corrupt practices within NSFAS. Reports have surfaced implicating him and a group of individuals, dubbed as his “band of cadres,” in siphoning funds meant for student aid. These allegations suggest a systemic issue within the organization, where funds intended to support students are being misappropriated for personal gain.

NSFAS – A Lifeline for Students

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to thousands of students across South Africa. For many, NSFAS is the only means through which they can afford higher education, offering hope for a better future and breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Impact on Students

The alleged corruption within NSFAS has dire consequences for students. With funds being diverted or mismanaged, many deserving students are left without the support they desperately need. This not only impedes their academic pursuits but also perpetuates inequality by depriving marginalized individuals of educational opportunities.

Calls for Accountability

In light of these allegations, there have been growing calls for accountability and transparency within NSFAS. Civil society organizations, student unions, and concerned citizens are demanding a thorough investigation into the matter and appropriate action against those found guilty of corruption. Additionally, there is a pressing need for reforms to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future.


Blade Nzimande alleged involvement in corrupt activities within NSFAS has cast a shadow over his reputation as a champion of education. The ramifications of this corruption extend far beyond mere financial losses, impacting the lives and futures of countless students.

As the allegations continue to unfold, it is imperative that those responsible are held accountable and that measures are implemented to safeguard the integrity of NSFAS and ensure that it fulfills its mandate of providing equitable access to education for all South Africans.

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