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Is Rosebank College Funded By NSFAS



Is Rosebank College Funded By NSFAS

Is Rosebank College Funded By NSFAS. Rosebank College stands as a beacon of opportunity for many South African students seeking quality tertiary education. As prospective students navigate their options, one burning question often arises: Is Rosebank College funded by NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme)? In this article, we delve into the intricacies of NSFAS funding at Rosebank College, providing clarity and insight for those considering this esteemed institution.

Is Rosebank College Funded By NSFAS

As Rosebank College is a private college, NSFAS does not cover private college courses. Click here to learn more about their funding options.

Rosebank College

Rosebank College is renowned for its commitment to providing accessible, quality education across various fields of study. With campuses strategically located across South Africa, the college offers a diverse range of accredited qualifications, from certificates to diplomas and degrees. Its emphasis on practical, career-oriented learning makes it an attractive choice for students aiming to enter the workforce equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.

The Role of NSFAS

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a pivotal role in facilitating access to higher education for financially disadvantaged students in South Africa. Established with the goal of addressing systemic inequalities and ensuring equal opportunities for all, NSFAS provides financial assistance in the form of bursaries and loans to eligible students.

NSFAS Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for NSFAS funding, students must meet certain eligibility criteria, including:

  1. South African citizenship or permanent residency.
  2. Enrollment or acceptance for enrollment at a public university or TVET college.
  3. Financial need, determined through means testing.
  4. Academic performance meeting NSFAS requirements.
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NSFAS Funding at Rosebank College

While Rosebank College is a private institution, it does not fall under the direct purview of NSFAS like public universities and TVET colleges. However, this does not mean that students at Rosebank College are precluded from accessing NSFAS funding altogether.

Through various partnerships and initiatives, Rosebank College strives to make education accessible to students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. While the college may not directly administer NSFAS funds, it often collaborates with external organizations and sponsors to offer financial assistance to eligible students.

Alternative Funding Options

In addition to NSFAS, Rosebank College offers various financial aid options to support students in need. These may include:

  1. Merit-based scholarships
  2. Bursaries from private organizations or corporate sponsors
  3. Student loans from financial institutions

It’s important for prospective students to explore all available avenues for funding their education and to seek guidance from the college’s financial aid office.


While Rosebank College is not directly funded by NSFAS, it remains committed to fostering inclusivity and providing support to students facing financial challenges. Through its partnership with external organizations and dedication to student success, Rosebank College continues to empower aspiring professionals to realize their academic and career aspirations. As students embark on their educational journey, they can rest assured that Rosebank College stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering a pathway to a brighter future, irrespective of financial constraints.

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