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IRS Releases New Bonus Checks: Fact Check, Eligibility, and Claim Process



IRS Releases New Bonus Checks: Fact Check, Eligibility, and Claim Process

IRS Releases New Bonus Checks: Fact Check, Eligibility, and Claim Process. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has introduced new bonus checks to provide financial assistance to eligible taxpayers in the United States. This article provides an overview of the IRS’s initiative, eligibility criteria, and how taxpayers can claim these bonuses.

IRS Introduces New Bonus Checks

In response to the challenges posed by inflation and the increasing cost of living, the IRS is issuing additional financial assistance in the form of bonus checks to support low-income Americans. These checks aim to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by individuals and families struggling to meet their living expenses.

Eligibility for Bonus Checks

To qualify for the new bonus checks, individuals must meet certain criteria. Tax filers with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less for individual filers and $150,000 or less for married and joint filers are eligible to claim these checks. However, those exceeding these income thresholds may still receive reduced payments, with a $5 reduction for every $100 above the income limit.

Claiming the Bonus Checks

Eligible recipients do not need to submit separate applications to claim the bonus checks. Instead, they will automatically receive the benefits when filing their federal tax returns. The IRS will determine the amount of assistance based on the information provided in the tax return, including income, marital status, and eligible dependents. The bonus checks will be credited directly to the recipient’s bank account.

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Fact Check and Additional Information

The IRS’s initiative aims to provide much-needed support to lower-income individuals and families grappling with the economic impacts of inflation. The bonus checks will be calculated based on the taxpayer annual gross income and the number of eligible dependents, with additional assistance provided for each qualified child. Recipients can expect to receive these bonuses as part of their tax credits, further aiding in their financial stability during these challenging times.


The introduction of new bonus checks by the IRS underscores its commitment to assisting taxpayers facing financial difficulties due to inflation and rising living costs. By providing additional financial support, the IRS aims to alleviate some of the economic burdens faced by eligible individuals and families across the nation.

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