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IRS Codes 570, 846, 826 Meaning: How Do These IRS Codes on My Transcript Mean?



IRS Codes 570, 846, 826 Meaning: How Do These IRS Codes on My Transcript Mean?

IRS Codes 570, 846, 826 Meaning: How Do These IRS Codes on My Transcript Mean? Ordinary individuals may find it difficult to understand taxes and their transaction codes. It might be challenging to comprehend your returns when there are so many numbers, acronyms, and deadlines involved. These three-digit digits, known as IRS transaction codes, correspond to every Internal Revenue Service activity pertaining to your taxes, including credits and debits. Your account’s history is compiled using these codes. Many filers experience anxiety, concern, and tension over the meaning of these codes and what steps they need to follow.

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IRS Codes

Your IRS account transcript may include Transaction Codes (TC), also known as transcript codes, which are three-digit numbers. While your tax return is being processed, a transaction code is utilized to determine when an activity was submitted to your tax account Master File. They aid in illuminating the IRS’s past course of action. All completed transactions need to have a transaction code, although not all of them can be seen on an account transcript.

How Do These IRS Codes on My Transcript Mean?

IRS Code 570

Transaction number 570 indicates that the IRS is unable to complete processing of your return because there is a hold on your account. You should hold off on providing further information until the IRS requests it. A disparity in wage reports between what you filed and what your employer(s) reported to the IRS might be one of several reasons why the tax return seems to be incorrect. It could also result from errors or missing information in your return, or from adjustments made for past-year IRS obligations. The IRS can and frequently will automatically modify this in light of their internal evaluation. The IRS may send you a follow-up if they are unable to settle the issue, and if they discover other anomalies, they may decide to conduct an audit.

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IRS Code 846

The IRS has granted a return, plus interest, as shown by transaction code 846. TC 846 essentially indicates that you have an overpayment of taxes from the IRS. Most taxpayers who are hoping for a refund want to see this code. If you see this code on your transcript, it means that your reimbursement has been processed, which is encouraging. You will still get code 846, TC 841, and 971 if your banking information is inaccurate and your IRS return is denied. After the IRS is notified of the unsuccessful payment, a paper check will be issued to your home address within four to six weeks.

IRS Code 826

Transaction number 826 indicates that a portion of your return was used toward settling an outstanding tax balance. In other words, your return is being used to settle old debts. It is customary for the return to be applied to your oldest tax liability initially. Any kind of debt might be it, including child support and college loans.


The transaction codes might assist in identifying the cause of any delays in your tax return. The IRS account transcript provides a history of your IRS account transactions throughout time through a list of IRS transcript codes. Utilizing the transcript search function, you may find out the meaning of additional codes on your IRS account transcript.

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