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Illinois Tax Refund 2024 | Schedule, Payment Dates, & Eligibility



Illinois Tax Refund 2024 | Schedule, Payment Dates, & Eligibility

Illinois Tax Refund 2024 | Schedule, Payment Dates, & Eligibility. In 2024, Illinois taxpayers can anticipate the issuance of tax refunds based on their eligibility criteria, filing status, and payment schedules set by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Understanding the nuances of the Illinois Tax Refund 2024 is crucial for taxpayers to ensure timely processing and receipt of refunds. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics:

Illinois Tax Refund 2024

The Illinois Tax Refund 2024 is extended to taxpayers whose tax credit exceeds their owed amount. Eligibility for this refund is contingent upon residency in the state. The Illinois Department of Revenue administers the refund process, which is subject to updated schedules and procedures outlined on

Filing and Payment Schedule

The filing window for tax returns begins on January 29, 2024, with electronic submission mandated for processing. Tax liabilities are settled, and refunds are issued for any overpayments within the stipulated timeframe. Notably, the Earned Income Tax Credit assists low-income earners in reducing their tax burdens.

Checking Tax Refund Status

Taxpayers can conveniently track their Illinois Tax Refund 2024 status via the website. Using either their Tax ID Number or Social Security Number, individuals can access real-time updates on their refund status, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Eligibility Criteria

Taxpayers with incomes below specified thresholds are eligible for refunds. The refund amount, which constitutes 30% of the Earned Income Credit (EIC), is contingent upon filing status and other qualifying factors. Details regarding eligibility criteria are available on

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Payment Schedule

Refund disbursements follow a structured schedule aligned with filing status. The Illinois Department of Revenue mandates timely payments based on filing deadlines and tax return submission dates.

Checklist for Taxpayers

For taxpayers expecting refunds, adherence to filing protocols is essential. Those who filed the 2021 IL-1040 will receive automatic tax rebates. Additional documentation may be required for individuals with dependents, such as completing the Illinois Exemption and Earned Income Credit forms.

Illinois Tax Refund 2024 Schedule

Refer to the provided schedule for monthly, quarterly, and semi-weekly refund processing timelines. Compliance with these deadlines ensures timely refunds for eligible taxpayers.

Time period  Return date 
Monthly Must pay by 15th date of each month for the preceding month.
Quarterly File return by 30 April 2024 or 31 July 2024 or 31 October 2024 or 31 January 2025
Semi weekly Return by Wednesday for the amount on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.On Friday for the amount on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday
Form  Illinois Tax Refund Payment Schedule 2024
W-2 Wage and Tax Statement 31 January 2024
W-2G Certain Gambling Winnings 1 April 2024
1099 K, Merchant Card 1 April 2024

Checking Refund Status

Taxpayers can follow simple steps outlined on to check their refund status. By inputting relevant identification details, individuals gain access to their refund information, facilitating transparency and ease of tracking.

Expected Processing Time

Refund processing times vary based on filing methods. While electronic filers enjoy expedited refunds directly deposited into their accounts, paper filers may experience longer processing durations. These delays are attributed to enhanced fraud prevention measures.

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Reasons for Delay

Several factors contribute to potential delays in refund processing, including filing methods, inventory levels, and types of income tax credits claimed. Understanding these variables aids taxpayers in managing expectations regarding refund timelines.


Familiarity with the Illinois Tax Refund 2024 process is indispensable for taxpayers seeking timely refunds. By adhering to filing guidelines, monitoring refund statuses, and staying informed about payment schedules, individuals can navigate the tax refund process effectively, ensuring financial stability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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