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How Many Points Does VUT Require?



How Many Points Does VUT Require?

How Many Points Does VUT Require? Securing admission to a university is a crucial step in the academic journey, and prospective students often wonder about the entry requirements. VUT, or Vaal University of Technology, is no exception. In this article, we will delve into the key factors that determine admission to VUT, specifically focusing on the points required for successful entry.

How Many Points Does VUT Require?

You must have a diploma endorsement AND an APS of 24 with at least 5% in English, Physical Science, Mathematics or 60% in Mathematics and Engineering Science if you are a vocational student

VUT Admission Points System

Vaal University of Technology employs a points-based admission system to assess the eligibility of applicants. The points system takes into account various academic achievements and qualifications, creating a comprehensive evaluation framework. Understanding this system is vital for prospective students aiming to gain admission to VUT.

Matriculation Points

For many South African universities, including VUT, the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an equivalent qualification serves as the primary basis for admission. Matriculation points are awarded based on the grades achieved in specific subjects. Students are typically required to achieve a minimum set of points to be considered for admission.

Admission Points Calculation

The calculation of admission points involves assigning scores to specific subjects based on the applicant’s performance. The scores are then tallied to determine the overall points. VUT provides a clear guideline on how points are calculated, including the weighting of different subjects. Prospective students should refer to the official admissions documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Additional Entry Requirements

In addition to academic performance, VUT may have specific entry requirements for certain programs. This could include additional subjects or specific achievements related to the chosen field of study. It is crucial for applicants to carefully review the admission criteria for their intended program to ensure they meet all the necessary requirements.

Changing Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can evolve, and VUT may adjust its criteria from year to year. Prospective students should regularly check the official VUT website or contact the admissions office to stay informed about any changes. Being aware of the latest requirements ensures that applicants are well-prepared and have the best chance of securing admission.

Seeking Guidance

Navigating the admission process can be complex, and prospective students are encouraged to seek guidance from high school counselors, career advisors, or the VUT admissions office. These professionals can provide valuable insights, answer specific questions, and assist applicants in preparing a strong application.


In conclusion, understanding the points required for VUT admission is crucial for prospective students. The points system, matriculation requirements, and additional criteria all play a role in determining eligibility. By staying informed and seeking guidance when needed, applicants can enhance their chances of successfully gaining admission to Vaal University of Technology and embarking on a rewarding academic journey.

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