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How Every Party Would Handle SASSA Social Grants If Elected In 2024



How Every Party Would Handle SASSA Social Grants If Elected In 2024

How Every Party Would Handle SASSA Social Grants If Elected In 2024. In the run-up to the 2024 national elections, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have made a bold promise: to double SASSA social grants if elected to power. However, amidst the political rhetoric, other parties have also presented their positions on this critical issue facing millions of South Africans.

ANC’s Uncertain Future with SASSA Social Grants

During an ANC party gathering earlier this year, President Ramaphosa suggested a grim future for SASSA social grants in 2024 if the ruling party failed to secure reelection. This statement sparked concerns among the millions who rely on these grants for their livelihoods.

EFF’s Promise of Doubling SASSA Social Grants

In response to the ANC’s warning, the EFF has taken a firm stance, promising not only to preserve SASSA social grants but to double them if they come into power. Julius Malema, the leader of EFF, outlined ambitious plans to increase various grant categories substantially, offering a lifeline to millions of struggling South Africans.

Analyzing Other Parties’ Approaches

While the EFF’s stance has grabbed headlines, other parties have also addressed the issue of SASSA social grants in their election manifestos.

  • Democratic Alliance (DA): The DA has assured voters that it will not abolish SASSA social grants if elected. Moreover, the party plans to increase the Child Support Grant, showing a commitment to supporting vulnerable groups.
  • Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP): The IFP has pledged to maintain social grants and hinted at potential increases, although specific details remain scarce.
  • ActionSA and Rise Mzansi: These parties have also expressed support for expanding social grants and introducing additional measures, such as a Basic Income Grant and food vouchers.
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Challenges Ahead

Despite the promises made by various political parties, questions remain about the feasibility of implementing such ambitious plans. EFF’s proposal to double SASSA social grants raises concerns about the significant financial implications, with estimates suggesting a staggering R500 billion social welfare bill. How the party intends to fund this remains unclear.


As the nation gears up for the 2024 elections, the fate of SASSA social grants has emerged as a crucial issue. While political parties vie for voter support with promises of increased grants and financial assistance, the practical challenges of implementation loom large. The decision voters make at the ballot box will shape the future of social welfare in South Africa.

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