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How Do I Register to Upgrade My Matric Results?



How Do I Register to Upgrade My Matric Results?

How Do I Register to Upgrade My Matric Results? It has been a little over a week since the release of the 2023 Matric exam results. While some learners may be content with their outcomes, others might be seeking ways to enhance their results. Matric results are instrumental in shaping future career paths, with a bachelor’s pass paving the way for pursuing degree programs at universities. For those dissatisfied with their results, the good news is that there are several avenues available to upgrade and improve their matric scores.

How Do I Register to Upgrade My Matric Results?

Registration may be done at any provincial education office (which may include the provincial head office, district education office, or circuit education office) OR it may be done online on the website

Matric Remarks and Re-Checks

If you believe your assigned marks do not accurately reflect your actual performance, you have the option to apply for a matric exam remark. This involves assigning a new examiner to review your original examination paper, offering a fresh perspective and potentially making adjustments to better mirror your genuine abilities.

Alternatively, a Matric Exam Recheck involves a comprehensive review to confirm accurate marking and precise calculation of marks. The primary aim is to ensure that no errors occurred during the initial marking of exam scripts, guaranteeing that you receive the correct marks.

Matric Exam Rewrite | A Chance for Redemption

Another option available is to rewrite your Matric exams. This offers a chance to improve results by retaking the exams. Candidates must register in person at their exam center or the nearest provincial education district office for this option. Online registration is not available for matric exam rewrites.


Remark applications for the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) are now open and will close on 1 February, with results released on 1 March.

Rewrite Opportunities for Learners

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC) Supplementary Exams (March): Ideal for those seeking to improve specific subject results.
  • NSC Progressed Learners (June): Tailored for those who wrote the NSC the previous year but did not sit for all six subjects.
  • Part-time NSC Candidates (November): Designed for learners attempting the NSC examinations post-2015.

For more information on registration dates and resources, consult the Department of Basic Education.

Second Chance Matric Programme (SCMP)

Learners aspiring to rewrite their matric exams are encouraged to apply for the Second Chance Matric Programme. This program provides comprehensive support, including face-to-face classes, online programs, and broadcasts on television and radio. Resource packs are also provided to aid in exam preparation.

The Careers Portal serves as a valuable resource hub for matric students, offering past papers, study guides, tips, and advice to simplify the matric year.


With various options available for upgrading matric results, learners have the chance to take control of their academic journey. Whether through a remark, recheck, rewrite, or participation in specialized programs, the path to success is within reach. Don’t miss the opportunity to register and enhance your academic achievements for a brighter future.

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