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Grant Payments Are Approved Well in Advance SASSA Says



Grant Payments Are Approved Well in Advance SASSA Says

Grant Payments Are Approved Well in Advance SASSA Says. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is responsible for disbursing over 19 million permanent grants to vulnerable individuals in South Africa each month. Despite frequent complaints about grant payment delays, Sassa asserts that its systems are designed to ensure seamless payment processes.

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Ensuring Timely Payments | Sassa Approach

In response to concerns raised by Members of Parliament (MPs), Sassa addressed the steps taken to guarantee timely payments to eligible grant recipients. The agency highlighted that the Department of Social Development (DSD) oversees the monthly upload of a payment schedule, ensuring that payments are authorized well in advance. Sassa emphasizes its commitment to consistently depositing grants into the bank accounts of eligible beneficiaries without fail.

Challenges with Incorrect Payments

While Sassa strives to maintain accuracy in grant payments, there are cases where individuals who submitted grant applications but do not qualify end up receiving payments. Sassa attributes this issue to delayed notifications of changes in beneficiaries’ circumstances or untimely updates to the relied-upon databases. Despite these challenges, Sassa maintains that the number of incorrect payments is relatively low, evidenced by the limited number of upheld appeals. The agency attributes this success to stringent background checks and regular reviews of approved beneficiaries.

Addressing Fraud and Maintaining Integrity

Sassa acknowledges the existence of individuals attempting to defraud the agency and clients failing to update their records when circumstances change. However, the agency emphasizes that such cases constitute a small group of clients. To counter fraudulent behavior, Sassa has established a robust Fraud Unit aimed at deterring and addressing these issues.

Improving Service Delivery

Recognizing past glitches and challenges in service delivery, Sassa asserts that it has implemented various systems and structures to enhance its processes. The Department of Social Development oversees these efforts through the Social Assistance Service Delivery Assurance Committee, which holds bi-monthly meetings to address issues, monitor compliance, and deliberate on challenges related to service delivery.


Oversight Measures and Audits

The Department conducts oversight visits at Sassa local offices, South African Post Office (SAPO) branches, and cash pay points. Financial and compliance audits are regularly conducted to ensure adherence to social assistance legislation, service delivery norms, and standards. Additionally, the Inspectorate for Social Assistance performs audits to identify and rectify any weaknesses in the systems that may expose Sassa to fraudulent activities.

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While challenges persist, Sassa emphasizes its commitment to continuous improvement and vigilance in addressing issues related to grant payments, ensuring that deserving beneficiaries receive timely and accurate assistance.

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