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Grant Amount For SRD For 2024 Not Increased



Grant Amount For SRD For 2024 Not Increased

Grant Amount For SRD For 2024 Not Increased. The much-anticipated 2024 Budget Speech delivered by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has left many South Africans disappointed, particularly those relying on the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Despite hopes for an increase, the grant remains stagnant at R350 per month. Here’s a breakdown of what Minister Godongwana’s speech unveiled about the SRD grant and the proposed amendments by Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu.

Grant Amount For SRD For 2024 Not Increased

As inflation increases, social grants will also rise in order to make them more accessible for those who qualify. SRD Grants, also called R350 grants, are not included.

Finance Minister Announcement

During his address, Minister Godongwana dashed hopes for a significant increase in the SRD grant, citing limitations within the fiscal envelope. He emphasized the government’s efforts to enhance the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant within existing financial constraints, hinting at improvements slated for April.

Proposed Amendments by Social Development Minister

Minister Lindiwe Zulu has proposed crucial amendments to the regulations governing the SRD grant. Firstly, the extension of the grant until 2025 offers relief to many vulnerable individuals. Additionally, measures have been introduced to tackle irregular payments, empowering authorities to reclaim funds from ineligible recipients.

Addressing Issues Of Uncollected Benefits

To streamline the process and prevent misuse of funds, the proposed amendments emphasize the importance of beneficiaries updating their personal and banking details promptly. Failure to comply within 90 days may result in the cancellation of applications and forfeiture of funds.

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Handling Deceased Beneficiaries

Another significant change involves payments to deceased beneficiaries. Under the new regulations, payments will cease at the end of the month in which the beneficiary passed away. This adjustment aims to prevent erroneous payments and ensure transparency in fund distribution.

Transitional Provisions For Smooth Implementation

To facilitate a seamless transition, a transitional provision allows the use of data from the March 2024 assessment cycle until 31 May 2024. This ensures uninterrupted assessments and payments under the revised regulations.


While the 2024 Budget Speech brought disappointment with the lack of an increase in the SRD grant, proposed amendments offer some hope for improved administration and extended relief. As the government navigates fiscal constraints, the focus remains on enhancing the effectiveness and integrity of social assistance programs to support those most in need.

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