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Good News For SASSA SRD Grant Applicants



Good News For SASSA SRD Grant Applicants

Good News For SASSA SRD Grant Applicants. In a significant development for applicants of the SASSA SRD grant, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has taken concrete steps to fulfill President Cyril Ramaphosa promise of increasing support in 2024.

The announcement of this increase was made during a session at the National Assembly, marking a pivotal moment in the government commitment to social welfare.

SRD R350 Grant Increase

Effective April 1st, the SRD grant will witness a notable uptick of R20. Minister Godongwana, in his address to the National Assembly, emphasized the importance of this increase in aligning with the progressive realization of the basic rights of the citizens. This increment is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance social security measures across the nation.

The decision to augment the SASSA SRD grant echoes similar adjustments planned for other conventional welfare grants, all set to take effect in April. This was articulated during the Budget Speech delivered by Minister Godongwana in February, indicating a comprehensive approach towards bolstering social welfare provisions.

The slated increases for this year encompass:

  • An additional R100 for old age, war veterans, disability, and care dependency grants. This increment will be phased, with R90 coming into effect from April and an additional R10 from October.
  • A R50 boost to the foster care grant.
  • A R20 enhancement to the child support grant.

SASSA Means Test

Ground Up reports that approximately seven to eight million South Africans currently benefit from the SASSA SRD grant, with the number fluctuating due to stringent qualification criteria. To be eligible for this support, applicants must ensure that their monthly bank account balance does not exceed R624.

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Furthermore, the initial timeline for the grant, initially slated to conclude by March, has been extended to March 2025, providing much-needed relief and stability for recipients.


The increase in the SASSA SRD grant, spearheaded by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana, signifies a significant stride towards addressing socio-economic disparities and fulfilling the government commitment to uplift vulnerable sections of society. This augmentation not only reflects a proactive approach to social welfare but also underscores the government’s resolve to prioritize the well-being of its citizens.

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