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Free IRS Extension For 2024 Tax Returns



Free IRS Extension For 2024 Tax Returns

Free IRS Extension For 2024 Tax Returns. The IRS offers the possibility of obtaining a completely free extension of time to submit your Tax Return later in 2024. As the IRS Tax Season 2024 kicks off, taxpayers across the United States can promptly submit their documentation to the Internal Revenue Service to expedite their Tax Refund. If you fall within the category of Americans required to file a Tax Return, you’re right on schedule to do so.

Free IRS Extension For 2024 Tax Returns

Fill out Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. A tax professional or an IRS e-filing partner can assist you in filing your taxes.

Deadline and Extension Possibilities

The deadline for this process is set for April 15th, 2024. However, there exists an option to request an extension of time. While some states automatically grant this extension, such as Maine and Massachusetts, for a few additional days, it’s beneficial for all citizens to be aware of their options.

Even if you don’t reside in Massachusetts or Maine, you can still request an extension of time to file your paperwork with the IRS. If you anticipate not having sufficient time before April 15th to send your Tax Return, considering applying for this extension is wise. While not all applications for extension are granted, it’s prudent to apply if needed.

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How to Request the Tax Season Extension from the IRS?

To request this extension, you have two options. The most convenient and expedient method is through online channels via your IRS account, enabling you to swiftly secure the extension.

Alternatively, you can opt to fill out the necessary form physically and submit it to one of the offices of the Internal Revenue Service. Though this method may be slower, it remains an effective means of securing the extension.

Regardless of whether you opt for the extension or not, it’s crucial to note that submitting your Tax Return beyond the deadline incurs penalties. Therefore, if you do request the Tax Season extension, ensure your documentation reaches the IRS no later than October 15th.

Exceptions and Tax Refund

If you reside in a declared disaster area, requesting an extension of time to the IRS may not be necessary, as it could be automatic. Consequently, you can submit your Tax Return later in these areas without penalty.

Tax Refund stimulus checks typically arrive 4 to 6 weeks after the Tax Return is submitted to the IRS. Hence, submitting your Tax Return promptly is advisable if you’re expecting a stimulus check. Delayed submission could result in penalties and potentially reduce the amount of your stimulus check if you’re eligible for a refund.


In summary, while the regular IRS Tax Season concludes on April 15th, 2024, with exceptions for Maine and Massachusetts extending to April 17th, flexibility exists in certain declared disaster areas. Familiarize yourself with your options, and if necessary, take advantage of the free extension offered by t

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