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Getting OAS After Living in Canada for 40 Years or More | Factors Determining OAS



Getting OAS After Living in Canada for 40 Years or More | Factors Determining OAS

Getting OAS After Living in Canada for 40 Years or More | Factors Determining OAS. Canada social safety net encompasses the Old Age Security (OAS) pension, a crucial support for individuals aged 65 and older.

This monthly payment is designed to provide assistance to seniors, ensuring a steady income stream for a more comfortable retirement. Funded by regular taxes paid by all Canadians, the OAS pension qualification hinges on a combination of residence and age criteria.

Eligibility for OAS Payment Overseas

Even Canadians residing abroad may still qualify for OAS payments, although it’s important to note that the OAS pension is considered taxable income. The actual benefit amount varies based on factors such as individual income and marital status. Delve into the following sections to understand the Factors Determining OAS and to calculate how much OAS you might receive after residing in Canada for 40 or more years.

OAS in Canada

The Old Age Security (OAS) program in Canada provides a residence-based basic pension for seniors meeting specific residency and legal status requirements. The full basic OAS Payment Amount for 2023 is granted to seniors who have lived in Canada for at least 40 years after reaching the age of 18. Those who have resided for a minimum of ten years after turning 18 are eligible for a half pension.

For each full year of residency in Canada, the benefit amount is calculated as one-fourth of a full pension. Additionally, the program offers a Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) to eligible seniors. Service Canada typically enrolls individuals automatically for OAS pension payments, but if certain information is missing, manual application may be required.


Factors Determining OAS in Canada

Several factors determine eligibility for OAS in Canada, including age, residency, legal status, and current residence. Individuals must be 65 years or older, have been a resident of Canada for at least ten years after turning 18, and possess legal residency or citizenship at the time of application.

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OAS After Living 40+ Years in Canada

To be eligible for full Old Age Security benefits, a minimum of 40 years of residency in Canada after turning 18 is required. The OAS pension amount is adjusted quarterly based on the Consumer Price Index. The first OAS payment is due the month after turning 65, with the option to postpone until the age of 70 for a higher pension amount.

How Old Age Security Works in Canada

Enrollment in OAS is typically automatic, initiated around the month after the 64th birthday. Recipients receive formal notification by mail, but if automatic enrollment is not possible, individuals may need to apply manually through the Government of Canada website.

OAS Pension Payment Schedule

OAS pension payments are credited in the final three working days of each month, with direct deposit providing a more efficient process. Recipients can choose between receiving one lump sum at the start of the month or four weekly installments for better budget control. The portability of OAS allows it to accompany individuals wherever they are in the world.


Old Age Security (OAS) pension in Canada is a vital component of the social safety net, offering financial support to seniors. Understanding the eligibility factors and payment details ensures a smoother transition into retirement, providing peace of mind for all Canadians.

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