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Does NSFAS Give You Pocket Money?



Does NSFAS Give You Pocket Money?

Does NSFAS Give You Pocket Money? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to students in South Africa.

Apart from covering tuition fees and other educational expenses, many students wonder whether NSFAS offers pocket money to help them with day-to-day living expenses.

Does NSFAS Give You Pocket Money?

NSFAS offers various allowances to eligible students, aimed at supporting them throughout their academic journey. These allowances typically cover accommodation, transport, food, and study materials. However, one of the most common queries among students is whether NSFAS provides additional funds as pocket money.

NSFAS Wallet

For NSFAS-funded students who qualify to receive allowances directly from NSFAS, the organization offers a convenient solution known as the NSFAS Wallet. This digital wallet serves as a platform for disbursing funds directly to students. The NSFAS Wallet enables students to access their allowances efficiently and manage their finances effectively.

Accessing Cash Funds

Students with NSFAS Wallets can easily withdraw cash from ATMs or designated cash withdrawal points. This feature allows beneficiaries to have physical access to their funds, enabling them to address immediate financial needs such as transportation, groceries, or other essentials.

Merchant Transactions

Additionally, the NSFAS Wallet facilitates electronic transactions, enabling students to make purchases at registered merchants. This functionality significantly enhances convenience as students can utilize their allowances for various expenses, including groceries, stationery, and other necessities.

Utilizing Funds Responsibly

While NSFAS provides financial support to students, it’s essential for beneficiaries to manage their funds responsibly. Pocket money received through NSFAS allowances should be allocated sensibly to cover essential living expenses.

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Planning and budgeting can help students make the most out of their allowances and ensure that funds are utilized effectively throughout the academic year.


NSFAS-funded students who qualify for allowances have access to cash funds through the NSFAS Wallet. While NSFAS primarily covers tuition fees and educational expenses, the organization recognizes the importance of supporting students with living allowances.

The NSFAS Wallet enables beneficiaries to withdraw cash and make electronic transactions, providing flexibility and convenience. By utilizing their allowances wisely, students can effectively manage their finances and focus on their academic pursuits.

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