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Canadians to Receive First Carbon Pricing Rebate in 2024



Canadians to Receive First Carbon Pricing Rebate in 2024

Canadians to Receive First Carbon Pricing Rebate in 2024. The Canadian government is set to provide its inaugural Carbon Pricing Rebate in 2024. Learn about this initiative, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and more in this comprehensive article.

Carbon Pricing Rebate

The Federal Government of Canada is preparing to issue the first Carbon Pricing Rebate, also known as the Climate Action Incentive payment. This rebate aims to assist Canadians residing in provinces where the carbon pricing mechanism is implemented.

Eligibility and Distribution

Residents of select provinces including Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Labrador will receive the carbon rebate based on household size. The rebate will be distributed either through direct deposit or by cheque after individuals file their income tax returns.

Frequency and Supplement

Beneficiaries can anticipate receiving the rebate every three months, with a supplementary 10% allocated to small and rural communities. Starting in April, the rebate benefits will witness a 20% increase.

Purpose and Impact

The Carbon Pricing Rebate is a revenue-neutral mechanism aimed at combatting climate change by returning taxes to the province. Approximately 90% of the rebate will be issued through income tax returns, benefitting around 80% of households.


How Much You Can Receive in 2024

The amount of rebate varies across provinces and is determined by factors such as household income and size. Here’s a breakdown of the expected rebate amounts for 2024:

  • Alberta: $386 CAD
  • New Brunswick: $184 CAD
  • Nova Scotia: $248 CAD
  • Prince Edward Island: $240 CAD
  • Manitoba: $264 CAD
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $328 CAD
  • Ontario: $244 CAD
  • Saskatchewan: $340 CAD
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Additional Considerations

To qualify for the Carbon Pricing Rebate, individuals must be residents of eligible provinces, at least 19 years old (or living with a spouse, common-law partner, or parent), and must file their income tax returns.


The Carbon Pricing Rebate represents a significant step in Canada’s efforts to mitigate climate change while providing financial assistance to its citizens. By understanding the rebate structure, eligibility criteria, and expected amounts, Canadians can better navigate this innovative initiative and its potential impact on their households.

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