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Calendar For Community Colleges 2024



Calendar For Community Colleges 2024

Calendar For Community Colleges 2024. Community colleges are pivotal in offering post-school opportunities for adults, serving as key institutions for educational advancement. The calendar for community colleges for the 2024 academic year has been unveiled, outlining significant dates and milestones for students and staff alike.

Calendar For Community Colleges 2024

Term classes for community colleges commenced on 17 January, extending for 10 weeks until 20 March 2024, encompassing 46 days of teaching. Term 2 is scheduled to commence on 3 April, culminating on 14 June. Following this, Term 3 is set to begin on 9 July and conclude on 20 September.

The academic year draws to a close in Term 4, initiating on 1 October and concluding on 11 December. The colleges will officially close for the year on 13 December. Throughout the year, students can anticipate 205 lecturing days and 209 staff service days.

Introduction To Community Colleges

The inception of community education and training colleges in South Africa stemmed from the imperative to furnish post-school youth and adults with avenues to bolster their educational groundwork and bolster their employability skills. These institutions facilitate further learning pathways, including access to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and universities.

They provide a conducive environment for individuals who may not initially meet the requirements for admission to conventional higher education institutions, enabling them to cultivate essential skills and qualifications for personal and professional growth.

More About CET Colleges

Community colleges have been established across all nine provinces, integrating 3,279 adult education and training centres. Originally targeting individuals ineligible for TVET colleges or universities, these institutions are committed to broadening youth and adult engagement in community education and training. With a lofty aim of accommodating one million participants by 2030, these colleges serve as vital conduits for lifelong learning and skill enhancement.

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The 2024 calendar for community colleges not only delineates crucial dates but also underscores the pivotal role these institutions play in fostering educational and professional growth within communities.

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