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CACH Status Check | Complete Guide to Verifying Your Course Placement



CACH Status Check | Complete Guide to Verifying Your Course Placement

CACH Status Check | Complete Guide to Verifying Your Course Placement. In 2024, the quest for finding the perfect educational path often involves utilizing services like the Central Applications Clearing House (CACH). This article aims to guide individuals who have applied for the CACH service and are eager to ascertain whether they have successfully secured a place in a tertiary institution for the upcoming academic year.

Understanding CACH

The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) system, operational in South Africa, serves as a crucial lifeline for prospective students facing challenges in securing admission to universities or other tertiary institutions. Open annually from late January to the end of March, CACH offers a second chance to individuals who have applied but haven’t been accepted due to various reasons.

Eligibility and Registration:

All individuals who completed Grade 12 from the year 2000 onwards are eligible to utilize the CACH system. The process is both accessible and cost-free. Prospective students can register on the CACH website, providing details such as their field of study and preferred program.

Checking Your CACH Status

Once registered, it’s imperative to keep track of your CACH status. Many applicants are uncertain about the steps involved. To check your status, log onto the CACH web portal using your credentials. This can be done at any time, providing convenience and flexibility for applicants.

Institutional Offers and Communication

Universities, TVET colleges, and Setas actively use the CACH system to identify individuals meeting their admission criteria. Upon finding a match, the system notifies applicants via SMS or email, presenting an offer for them to accept or reject. If accepted, further communication from the institution follows.

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Operating Period and Purpose

The CACH system operates during specific periods of the year, strategically designed to assist students who meet minimum admission requirements but haven’t secured a place at any institution. CACH aims to connect these students with suitable institutions that still have openings matching their qualifications.

CACH Contact Details

For any queries related to the CACH system, individuals are encouraged to contact the helpline at 0860 690 722. The service is available on weekdays from 8 AM to 4  PM, excluding public holidays. This helpline ensures that applicants receive the assistance they need to navigate the CACH process seamlessly.


The CACH system stands as a valuable resource for students striving to advance their education when traditional avenues have proven challenging. By understanding the eligibility criteria, registration process, and status-checking procedures outlined in this guide, prospective students can confidently navigate the CACH system and embrace the opportunity for further education.

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