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Payment Dates And Eligibility For Australia Family Tax Benefit 2024



Payment Dates And Eligibility For Australia Family Tax Benefit 2024

Payment Dates And Eligibility For Australia Family Tax Benefit 2024. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate details of the Family Tax Benefit in Australia, encompassing both Part A and Part B, elucidating what this scheme entails and delineating the eligibility criteria. Designed to support families in nurturing their children, this government initiative provides financial assistance, either in a lump sum or through periodic installments, to those who qualify, fostering improved facilities and nutrition for the nation’s youth.

Family Tax Benefit Australia

The Family Tax Benefit stands as a cornerstone of the Australian government’s support system for families. This scheme, structured into two parts, aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with raising children and bolstering their welfare. Divided into Part A and Part B, it extends tailored assistance to families based on their circumstances and needs.

Payment Dates & Eligibility

Applications for the Family Tax Benefit should ideally be submitted at least three months prior to the anticipated birth of a child or promptly upon assuming care responsibilities.

Family Tax Benefit Part A

Part A of the Family Tax Benefit extends financial support to families based on their composition and household income, with consideration given to the number and age of children under their care. Eligibility hinges on guardianship of children under the age of fifteen, or up to nineteen if they meet government-mandated study criteria.

The benefit amount is contingent upon household income variations and the child’s age, with a base fortnightly payment set at $58.66 per child and an annual lump sum payment of $2255, inclusive of the Part A supplement of $726.35, disbursed to families earning under $80,000 annually.


Family Tax Benefit Part B

Part B offers supplemental assistance, particularly targeting single parents, sole breadwinner couples, or caregivers who aren’t the biological parents of the child in their care. Concurrent receipt of Parental Leave Pay disqualifies applicants from Part B benefits.

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Payment amounts under Part B vary based on the age of the youngest child, with a maximum fortnightly payment of $162.54 for children aged 0 to 5, and $113.54 for those aged 5 to 18.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Family Tax Benefit, applicants must adhere to specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Caretaker of a child aged 0 to 15, or 16 to 19 if enrolled in education.
  • Household income not exceeding $100,000 annually.
  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Care responsibility for the child for at least thirty-five percent of the time.

For Part B, additional criteria apply:

  • Single caretakers must oversee children under fifteen, while couples must have children under thirteen.
  • Undertake accurate income assessment at application, promptly updating changes to avoid potential debt repercussions from Centrelink.


The Family Tax Benefit scheme underscores Australia’s commitment to supporting families in nurturing their children, offering tailored financial assistance to ensure their well-being and development. By adhering to the stipulated criteria and procedures, eligible families can access vital resources to navigate the challenges of parenthood and provide a nurturing environment for their children’s growth and prosperity.

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