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Alberta Adult Health Benefit | Eligibility and Application Process



Alberta Adult Health Benefit | Eligibility and Application Process

Alberta Adult Health Benefit | Eligibility and Application Process. The Alberta Adult Health Benefit (AAHB) is a program provided by Alberta Employment and Immigration to support Albertans with low incomes.

This benefit includes the issuance of a Health Benefits Card (HBC), granting access to crucial healthcare services such as prescription medications, dental and optical care, nutritional items, and emergency ambulance services. The coverage is determined by both the specific healthcare needs and the individual’s income level.

Coverage Under Alberta Adult Health Benefit

The AAHB covers prescription medication, dental treatment, and other healthcare costs for low-income individuals, pregnant women, and those with ongoing prescription drug needs. The program aims to ensure access to essential healthcare treatments, offering coverage for emergency ambulance services, prescription drugs, over-the-counter treatments, dental care, eye exams, and eyeglasses.

Eligibility Criteria for Alberta Adult Health Benefit

To be eligible for the Alberta Adult Health Benefit, individuals must meet certain criteria:

  1. Residents of Alberta
  2. Not qualifying for federal health coverage
  3. Examples of eligible individuals:
  • Those leaving Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) or Income Support with earnings exceeding program limitations
  • Low-income pregnant women and their unborn children
  • Families with low finances and significant ongoing prescription medication needs

Income Thresholds for Eligibility

The income thresholds for eligibility are influenced by the size of the household. Here are some examples:

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Family Maximum income
Single adult CAD 16,580
1 adult + 1 child CAD 26,023
1 adult + 2 children CAD 31,010
1 adult + 3 children CAD 36,325
1 adult + 4 children* CAD 41,957
Couple, no children CAD 23,212
Couple + 1 child CAD 31,237
Couple + 2 children CAD 36,634
Couple + 3 children CAD 41,594
Couple + 4 children* CAD 46,932

Covered Programs Under AAHB

The Alberta Adult Health Benefit covers various programs, including:

  1. Prescription/non-prescription drugs and nutritional products
  2. Dental services (fillings, extractions, and, under certain conditions, annual exams and teeth cleaning)
  3. Optical services (eye checkups and glasses for adults every two years, annually for dependents under eighteen)
  4. Ambulance services for emergency ground transportation when no other coverage is available

How to Apply for Adult Health Benefit in Alberta

To apply for the Alberta Adult Health Benefit:

  1. Complete the Alberta Adult Health Benefit Application form.
  2. Mail the completed form to the Health Benefits Contact Center.
  3. If you need assistance or have concerns, contact the office by phone at 780-427-6848 or 1-877-469-5437.

Upon acceptance of the application, a health benefit card will be mailed, listing all eligible family members and their identifying numbers. For individuals receiving assistance from Income Support or AISH programs intending to stop due to increased income, it is crucial to notify the officials.


The Alberta Adult Health Benefit stands as a vital resource, ensuring essential healthcare for low-income Albertans. By offering comprehensive coverage and a straightforward application process, the program plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall health and well-being of eligible individuals and families.

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