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A Call to Scrap NSFAS Payment System Is Rejected by Nzimande



A Call to Scrap NSFAS Payment System Is Rejected by Nzimande

A Call to Scrap NSFAS Payment System Is Rejected by Nzimande. Dr Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, addressed recent media concerns and calls for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to revert to direct payments. In spite of growing dissatisfaction and protests, the minister refuses to return to direct payments to institutions, rejecting suggestions of reverting to the current system.

Challenges with the Current Payment System

Due to technical glitches, a recent payment system introduced by financial service providers has faced criticism, resulting in delayed funds for over 100,000 students. Protests have erupted against the new payment system earlier this year, leading to a call for universities to be paid directly.

Minister Nzimande Response

A historical investigation revealed corruption in direct payment methods to institutions, but Minister Nzimande rejected the demands firmly. According to him, the current student funding model streamlines the process and reduces corruption risks by allowing students to apply directly to NSFAS.

Student Forum 4 Service Delivery (SF4SD) Demands

Students Forum 4 Service Delivery (SF4SD) marched to the department to demand the end of NSFAS and a direct transfer of funds to universities.

Minister Stance on Corruption

During his speech, Minister Nzimande expressed concern about corruption within NSFAS and said that efforts were being made to simplify the application process. He urged students to be honest in their applications and warned against attempting to defraud NSFAS, emphasizing that strict measures would be taken against those found guilty.


2024 Funding Applications and Simplified Verification

Despite the controversies, funding applications for the 2024 academic year were recently opened. Nzimande assured that the application process would be simplified, with no supporting documents required at first. A variety of third parties will provide information during the verification process, including Sassa, the South African Revenue Service, and the Home Affairs Department.

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The debate over the NSFAS payment method continues, with Minister Nzimande standing firm in his decision to maintain the current student funding model. As funding applications for the upcoming academic year are underway, the minister emphasizes the need for honesty among applicants and vows to tackle any corruption within the NSFAS system.

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