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1550/M OAS Approved 2024 | Know Date And Eligibility



1550/M OAS Approved 2024 | Know Date And Eligibility

1550/M OAS Approved 2024 | Know Date And Eligibility. The Canadian government extends various benefits to its eligible citizens, offsetting the tax burdens imposed on residents, such as income, property, and carbon taxes. Among these benefits are provisions from several governmental departments like CPP, CCB, OAS, CAI, OTB, and QPP. Notably, the Old Age Security (OAS) program offers financial support to senior citizens, with potential updates and a $1,550 monthly payment approval in 2024.

$1,550 OAS Approval 2024

The federal government, in collaboration with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), is set to introduce the $1,550 Old Age Security Approval in 2024. This initiative aims to provide substantial assistance to eligible citizens. Detailed information regarding the Old Age Security program, including eligibility criteria and payment schedules, is available on the official website.

$1,550 Old Age Security Approval 2024

TOPIC $1,550 OAS Approval 2024
Organization Canada Revenue Agency
Name Of The Program Old Age Security
Country Canada
Age Limit 65 Years And Above
$1,550 Old Age Security Approval 2024 Coming Soon
Next Payment Date 26th February 2024
Category Finance
Official Online portal 

$1,550 OAS Eligibility 2024

To qualify for benefits under the Old Age Security program, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Age requirement: Applicants must be at least 65 years old.
  • Citizenship status: Individuals must be permanent citizens or residents of Canada.
  • Residency duration: Applicants should have resided in Canada for a minimum of 10 years since turning 18, or be above 65 years old while living abroad.
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OAS Payment Dates 2024

Eligible senior citizens, who have either applied or are already receiving OAS payments, can refer to the following schedule for payment dates in 2024:

Months OAS Payment Dates 2024
January 29th January 2024
February 26th February 2024
March 27th March 2024
April 27th April 2024
May 28th May 2024
June 27th June 2024
July 28 July 2024
August 29th August 20 24
September 26th September 2024
October 28th October 2024
November 26th November 2024
December 21st December 2024


The $1,550 Old Age Security Approval 2024 offers vital financial assistance to eligible senior citizens in Canada. With clear eligibility criteria and monthly payment schedules, this program aims to support the elderly population effectively.

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